September 20, 2017

One of the issues that interests the audience when purchasing theater tickets is the seating position. So which seat is best suited for you ? Let’s find out with #stargalaxy

Usually when purchasing tickets, you always want to choose the central location because this is perceived as best place in a theater.

In fact, the central location is the place to have the best view of the whole stage, so you would not get tired of watching a long show.

This position is suitable for audiences who just want to enjoy the art of entertainment, and dont care much about sound, technique or interacting with the artists on stage.

Although modern stages are designed with different height, however this position can sometimes hamper your vision if the people in front of you are too tall, and you will not have any other options to watch the stage.


The truth is: The center and front seating will help you see clearly but will not be the best in for when you want to enjoy the sound effects.

In the cinema, no matter where you sit, the sound is very clear because loudspeaker power in a cinema is so great that you can adjust the direction of the sound to the whole audience. In the theater, in order to transmit the sound of the actor and the instrument to all listeners, one would have to calculate and design the acoustics to complement, such as using solid- Around the catwalk, the ceiling and the walls.

So the best place to experience sound is the top spot near the ceiling, or on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor (if any)

However, if at the large theaters (capacity of more than 1000 people), the position behind you will make you feel like you need to equip a binoculars. But if your program takes place at the small theater (less than 500 people), the back seat proves almost no trouble.


If you are a music critic, playwriter, or person who really cares about the details of the performance, the best seats will be the seats closest to the stage.

This place is often where the director or screenwriter sit in rehearsals and review.

This is where you can see every move in the most vivid. You can see the expression of the actor,  the sweat when they dance, the show then become very interesting.

In addition, this is also the location with most frequent exchange with the artist. You will have special experiences that other people can not have.

Choosing to sit on the right or left side depends largely on the feelings and habits of using the left brain / right brain of each person. Sitting by your side will help you enjoy the program in the most complete way, avoid feeling tired, laziness when sitting for a long time.

With today’s archaeo-styled theaters, sitting in the middle or on either side really does not reduce the quality of the show. So you do not have to worry if you do not have a seat in the middle!