September 20, 2017

In the previous section, Star Galaxy Theater – 87 Lang Ha introduced the characteristics of some of the seats in the theater. But sometimes for some reason you can not get your favorite seats, so what are we going to do? Let’s get together with Star Galaxy!

In part 2, Star Galaxy Theater will introduce some suitable seat selection tips for you.

Lets begin!

The fact is, there is no bad seat in the Theater. Any place you sit can bring the best experience.

Before choosing a seat, you should consider the following factors:

You are too tall

It is advised that if the arcade theater, you should stay away from the position close to the path or the beginning of the arc, because its where the narrowest foot rest be. It will be uncomfortable for you to have your legs strapped for a long time, which of course also directly affects your feeling with the show. But you should not choose a seat near the stage, because your height will make people sitting behind the back feel uncomfortable.

You are too short

The great place you should choose is as close to the stage as possible. Although seats are arranged from low to high, the visibility is prevented by people sitting in front. In addition, sitting back straight to watch a long program sometimes makes you feel tense and tired.


You go with children

Do not choose the middle position. The perfect seats for you is close to the aisle or the top. In fact, it is very difficult to control the behavior and emotions of young children. Sometimes the scenes in the program can make children feel startled and make them want to run out. In order to not affect everyone, you should choose a location close to the path. If your child wants to go out or come back you can best support him or her.

A lot of people often deliberate between the position you want to sit at the cost of money. This is often difficult because sometimes the distance between your favorite and other places have a lot of price difference.

The best advice would be to imagine how you would feel if the quality of the performance was reduced by 20%. If you feel bad about spending your budget, you probably spent too much on the ticket. Choose a reasonable price and seating position so you will not feel disappointed when the program does not meet your expectations.

In some entertainment programs, magic show … there will be things that make you feel surprised and become curious of how people can do them. The truth is that the human brain has the ability to choose the key elements and ignore the unrelated. Therefore, any show related to the visual deceit of human beings is cleverly conceal the tricks in the place where it is hard for people to figure them out

So if you are curious of these traits, or when you lose the opportunity to sit in the seats you want, so why not choose the position you do not want to sit most. Make sure you get the experience nobody has.

Often the position is usually close to the left wing or the right side of the stage, where many people think that sitting is so deviated and detach them from the show. But the truth is not so simple right?