August 23, 2017

A memorable gift for someone “special” on Valentine Day …

Come to Ionah and purchase a special gift pack-Always Love Valentine’s day only in February 2nd. This will sure to be a gift overwhelmed with love that you can bring to someone you truly care about. Experience an unforgettable holidays with your other half with Ionah, to find that love is all around you.

Always Love Package price: USD $1,402,000


+ 2 Ionah tickets on 14/02/2017

+ 1 gift voucher worth USD 100,000 of Fresh Garden Bakery fresh Bread

+ 2 unique water bottles

+ 1 medium sized popcorn

Applicable customers: for all customers who are living/working/studying in Vietnam (including foreign guests and visitors)

Note: Please bring your ID CARD when exchanging ticket at Ionah’s ticket booth

Opening time: from 9h00 08/02/2017 to 19h00, 14/02/2017

Form of application: apply to direct purchase at Ionah ticket booth or through online sales system of Ionah

Not applicable with other incentive programs of Ionah and Ionah’s partners